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Is HostGator The Right Web Hosting Provider For You?

hg-logoHosting a website can be a breeze even for the non-techies — thanks to professional hosting service providers offering a range of comprehensive hosting plans that cater to diverse web hosting needs. Inevitably, searching the web for hosting service providers is bound to draw attention to HostGator and several other popular hosting firms, making it mandatory to compare offerings before signing up for a plan. Is HostGator the right web hosting provider for someone who needs to host a personal blog? Can it handle the hosting needs of a mid-size business? How do they address the requirements of a high-end, data-intensive business that demands dedicated hosting with advanced security features? These are but a few basic questions that crop up when talking about website hosting. To begin with, HostGator offers shared hosting services — the most basic hosting plan essential for almost anyone wanting to host a website, even if it’s going to be a single page site. Advanced plans are available as well to meet evolving requirements of a growing company, with dedicated hosting and virtual private servers to help scale-up operations, as and when required. It is possible to smoothly ramp up operations as a business expands its scope and geographic presence across the world.

Signing up for HostGator services ensures:

  • 24×7 customer and technical support throughout the year — via email, phone and live chat.
  • Potent hardware infrastructure to meet specific requirements and software capabilities.
  • The latest versions of server, network and security software that ensure a safe hosting environment.
  • Access to a web development environment with on-demand installation of custom software (WordPress, etc.), templates, themes and scripts.
  • A range of professional services, including but not limited to website design, migration and SEO.
  • Most importantly, a reliable external support network which can be tapped to tackle a problem beyond the scope of in-house experts.
  • 99% guaranteed up-time.
  • Freebies.
  • Latest cPanel features.
There are several sites online evaluating the offerings of HostGator compared to its competitors. Those seeking specific details and in-depth analysis will find such review articles beneficial. As for hobbyists, students, casual bloggers who are not interested in free hosting and want to build a serious reputation for their online site, HostGator’s shared services are likely to meet their needs. Be warned though that the company’s services can be pricier than other service providers, who also offer similar services packing most of the essential features. Free domain, however, is not available and additional domain names are limited too. HostGator does not own a data center. For data storage and network services, it teams up with a third-party firm which is yet to falter on delivering the guaranteed service quality. However, this dependency may influence response time to queries or customer complaints pertaining to network or hardware issues. Also, money-back plans are limited to 45 days, compared to unlimited money-back offered by a few other service providers. Web hosting is a vital service that needs quality infrastructure, software and support functions. The expertise and credibility of reputed service providers offer a competitive edge to businesses, which need not house necessary resources to host and manage their websites. As for individuals, hosting a website cannot get any easier. Since reliable, quality services come with a price tag, it is important to not choose a hosting network solely on the basis of price. Click here to learn more about HostGator >>>

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Seeking a Reliable Web Hosting Solution? Try A2

hosting-server-technology-closeup-photo-0182-300x300 Although A2 is not the cheapest hosting service available, it is certainly among the most affordable. This company also offers an impressive array of hosting plans, making it possible for all private consumers and companies to find options that fit their needs and their budgets. This A2 Hosting review will take an in-depth look at this company and the services and features it supplies.

Lots of Free Services and No Over-Selling

When just getting started with A-2 Hosting, many consumers discover that this business is unlike most other hosting providers in that it doesn’t upsell service additions that will enhance its basic packages. In fact, this is a sentiment that is frequently seen in the typical A2 Hosting review. With many other providers, these additional features can end up in the virtual shopping cart and may be overlooked when checking out. If shoppers aren’t prudent, they can wind up spending a lot of unnecessary cash on service additions that they neither want or need. Another advantage of working with A2 Hosting is the fact that they offer a number of free service features that usually cost money elsewhere. These include impressive security tools, SSH and backup tools. Thus, while their upfront costs may not be the lowest, they do provide great overall value while still charging very reasonable rates.

What Subscribers Can Expect

No A2 Hosting review would be complete without a comprehensive list of the different hosting plans that are available. This company offers WordPress, web, managed VPS, cloud and dedicated hosting. There are even many flexible levels of each of these service types. Each plan comes with a risk-free guarantee, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, extremely fast SSDs and a Guru/Help crew that is available 24 hours per day, every day of the week and all throughout the year. There are even affordable packages available for those interested in reseller hosting.

Data Centers

A2 Hosting has three data centers and subscribers can take their pick from any one of these. There is an A2 Hosting data center in Amsterdam, one in Iceland and another in Missouri. This company owns all of its web servers exclusively and thus, there is a high level of accountability and the ability to identify and resolve problems quickly. This is one large reason why this provider is known for delivering on its 99.9% uptime guarantee. There is a redundant network, a redundant power supply and optimal data center security. Each data center is SSAE 16 Certified and impeccably well-maintained.

Solid State Drive Hosting

There is the added benefit of being able to get SSD or solid state driving hosting for a very nominal, additional cost. This can improve performance by as much as 300%. When tested by PrestaShop, the initial page load time for this service was just 1.9 seconds.


It is important to note that A2 Hosting is exceedingly comfortable about the services they supply. They make all of their data concerning uptime public so that anyone can check their ability to live up to their uptime promise. In-depth reports concerning A2 Hosting servers are readily available on their website.

cPanel Control Panel

A2 Hosting uses cPanel for its control panel, which is popular and very intuitive and user-friendly. Softaculous is available inside of the panel that allows users to install content management systems such as WordPress and other scripts with just several clicks. Thus, subscribers don’t have to be technical wizards in order to take maximum advantage of this hosting service. This also means that whether you have a massive online operation or a relatively small one, getting your site live and active won’t take a lot of time.

Do-It-Yourself Site Builder Doesn’t Require Coding

A2 Hosting also has a special tool that makes it possible to build a comprehensive site without extensive coding skills. It is an easy-to-use tool that will help you have an attractive and functional site up within mere minutes. This is true even for those who lack coding and design experience. With well-maintained data centers, a wealth of service options and competitively priced hosting plans, A2 Hosting is well-worth considering. This company is able to deliver on its uptime guarantee and provides an array of impressive features absolutely free. Best of all, A2 Hosting regularly offers a number of special discounts to new subscribers. Additional information ->

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