Month: July 2019

An Evaluation And Review Of Certified Hosting.

Certified Hosting homepage screenshot There are dozens of web hosts out there, and not all of them advertise on television. Some of the larger hosts seem satisfied to exist only on the internet, allowing users to find them when they need a bit of extra help achieving their online aspirations. If you are looking to build a website and have it hosted, one of the first places you will run into is Certified Hosting. This popular platform has many users, but it is still a wise idea to see if it has all of the qualities that a smart consumer should look for in a website. Basic Information Certified Hosting is one of the largest hosts on the internet, providing a variety of services for both individuals and businesses. The company’s main business is hosting, so it is fairly simple to see why it tends to provide those tools that are most popular among the web-savvy set. There are several hosting plans available, including plans from as a little as around four dollars a month to dedicated server plans that cost around one hundred and forty dollars a month. The pricing structure is relatively common in the hosting world, though the company does provide a price match guarantee against its competitors.

The Positives

If there is a single term that sums up the positives about the hosting company, it must be ease of use. With lifetime domain name registration, an on-site site builder, and a variety of tools that are useful for building both e-commerce and personal websites, there’s certainly nothing stopping a dedicated site builder from creating exactly what he or she wants. The pricing is also slightly below the industry average for its most basic packages, with the price match guarantee allowing users to know that they will always spend the least when using these services. Aside from the pricing structures, most users do praise the quick service provided by the tech support team as well as the hosting site’s general ease of use for even novice web designers and their teams.

The Negatives

One of the commonly cited issues with the company is the tech support. While many users have said that the company is quick to respond, many have also said that the support team isn’t particularly skilled. This doesn’t seem to be a problem for the bulk of users, but support issues can be a major detraction from a host’s usefulness if one is running a business website. More pressing are claims of hidden costs within the billing structure, something that is widely reported upon but only seems to impact those who have very popular or resource-intensive websites. The hosting company is one of the lesser-known hosting providers, but it does hold a special place within its industry. While far from perfect, it does provide users with a variety of tools to use and the chance to build sites exactly as they would like them. It is always good to look at the various hosting packages offered by the site and to figure out if it can suit your needs through one of its less-advertised programs. This is a company worth using, but you should go into the process expecting to ask questions. Additional information ->

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