HostRocket: Independent Host Continues to Defy Odds

HosstRocket web site screenshot new. HostRocket is a NY-based privately owned web hosting company. It’s been around since 1999 at the height of the technology boom. Unlike most of its peers, its funding has come from the owners themselves and not from investors. This gave it the freedom to make decisions that would be beneficial for the business itself whereas others were being pushed to squeeze out every ounce of profit for their funders. More than a decade on, it continues to grow steadily, enjoy a good financial position, and remain debt-free. Those who are interested in signing up for an account with the company can choose from the following offerings:

Basic Shared Hosting

Every webhost has something for the masses and this firm is no exception. Its basic shared hosting plan is the ideal solution for people who are thinking of creating their own personal site. Small businesses can also make use of it to gain more exposure for their brand without having to reach too deep into their pockets. Like most packages in this category, customers can look forward to unlimited storage, bandwidth, websites, and email accounts. It is far from being the cheapest in the industry but going for long-term contracts can substantially reduce spending. Monthly plans go for $11.98 per month while biennial plans go for half the price at only $5.99 per month.

SSD Shared Hosting

This can be considered as an upgrade from the HostRocket basic plan discussed above. Accounts are hosted using advanced servers with SSD technology for storage. These have better speed, reliability and efficiency compared to regular disk drives. Avail of the biennial contracts to save on costs. The SSD Premium package comes with 5 GB storage and 200 GB bandwidth for $9.98/month. SSD Professional bumps things up a notch to 20 GB storage and 300 GB bandwidth for $13.98/month. SSD Executive provides 40 GB storage and 400 GB bandwidth for $18.98/month. All of these come with one free domain name and RAID configuration.

Reseller VPS Hosting

HostRocket is also proud of its virtual private server hosting services provided by its sister company DotBlock. This VPS hosting package is being offered to resellers who would like to use the company’s popular platform to launch their own hosting business. Being hosted on the cloud provides customers with the ability to quickly scale up if they need more resources and always be confident that their data is protected. Packages start at just $9.95 which comes with one block. Customers get one processor core, 1GB RAM, 20 GB SSD storage, and 500 GB bandwidth. There is an optional cPanel license available at $14.95 for simplified account management.

Dedicated Hosting

The biggest companies require massive resources for its sites due to the anticipated traffic and the need to guarantee quality service to its followers. Businesses that need the best cannot settle for anything less than dedicated hosting. HostRocket currently offers four different types of server that are known for their performance and reliability. The cheapest is the 16GB Intel E5-2620 which goes for $119/month. This comes with 12 visible cores and 16GB of memory. The most advanced is the 32GB Dual Intel E5-2620 at $169/month. It comes with 24 visible cores and 32GB of memory. All of their dedicated hosting packages have 15TB bandwidth, 100Mbit uplink speed, and free RAID 1. Additional information ->

How to Install WordPress on HostRocket

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